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Officina Luce is a new brand of decorative light fixtures, overflowing with a contemporary and chic cosmopolitan style. Officina Luce is a workshop of ideas involving a team with over thirty years of experience in production of fixtures and artisanal lampshade crafts. This brand crafts luxury decorative lighting. Effortlessly combining contemporary allure and classic elegance, Officina Luce creates exquisite chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps. Using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship, each piece is made with the outmost care in order to deliver a final product that is a one-of-a-kind, stunning piece of functional décor.

Born in the heart of Tuscany, Officina Luce commits its projects to local Florentine artisans, who skillfully create and mold with a deep knowledge, consolidated by experience and tradition with arts and crafts. Their collections are also competitive due to the integration of new technologies. Styles, shapes and materials are all representatives of this character and in line with an international cosmopolitan mood of sophistication.

Here the "Creative Space for the study of Light" is born; an innovative and multifunctional environment where Architects, Engineers, Designers and Specialists can meet the right inspiration. The attention to detail, the careful research in the design, the experience and the passion for the Light are the ingradienti that the team of Officina Luce makes available for private customers and contractor.

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