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Novaluna is a top brand, specialist in high-quality beds, combining Made in Italy and sublime values: structural solidity, ergonomics, handcrafted scrutiny, creativity. Since 1989, Novaluna has established itself as an expert in sleep revolution thanks to high quality, chemical safety, strictest ergonomic criteria, innovative spirit and maximum resistance.

Novaluna offers a selection of beds which are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, pleasant to touch with elegant coverings in either fine leather, fabric or handy eco-leather. Novaluna bed bases are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic as well as strong and long-lasting. They build bed frames of the highest standard, without compromise. The company offers a large variety of fittings, sizes (even tailored) as well as with or without storage. Following the most genuine tradition of Italian savoir-faire, their products are made with passion and know-how.

Equal love and attention have been spent on the range of designs and the choice of fabrics, leathers and eco-leathers. Wooden slats designs for comfort and ergonomics, crafted with a multilayer and bent wood in order to be flexible in just the right way. Bed structures are made from multilayer, solid-faced MDF for durability and robustness. In addition to the myriad standard fittings, sizes and accessories Novaluna offers tailor-made size and fabric options.

The company focuses on the importance of a good night's rest for health and life energy, setting high standards to reach in order to ensure the highest safety and resistance of its products. With innovative spirit, great technical knowledge and experience, Novaluna has developed its "floating sleeping systems" that open up a completely new sleeping dimension. In other words, Novaluna contributes to your sleep comfort, because only if you sleep well, people in the company are satisfied.

Novaluna's bed collections are made to be elegant, thrilling, practical, comfortable and enjoyable over time. Novaluna's hand-made beds fully reflect traditional Italian taste for beauty, comfort and quality. All raw materials comply with the EU safety laws so you are definitely in safe hands.

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