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The fusing of ideas, the cross-linking, the into-the-world-bringing - for Next all of that happens in Cologne.

The daily necessity of illuminating a room is a challenging task. Next removes light from its shapelessness and dresses it in a design of contemporary standard. The results are luminaires that create an atmosphere and radiate warmth - a perfectly shaped highlight for every room.

For example, Enterprise: Next’s latest "Enterprise" has arrived from the depths of space to land straight in your offices, living rooms and cafeterias. Whatever taste you prefer, this luminaire has a lot going for it: It fascinates with a cross of traditional and modern elements, it captivates with combination of immaculate surfaces and valuable materials, and it excites with strong colour accents.

Another example, Molecular_Light: This modular lighting system illuminates architecture in an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way. Based on combinable, illuminated balls, you can arrange your light source in corners and in and around room edges. Creating a brand new feeling for light.

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