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The entire NATISA collection is produced in Moimacco, Italy, near Cividale del Friuli, in the heart of a region widely known for the production of wooden chairs and furniture.They have a strong bond with Italian region and are fully committed to respecting the environment.
NATISA is a company that used to produce dining furniture for many well known Italian brands. Since a while factory decided to create and present their own view on design.

NATISA has two lines of collection: budget and design line.

The budget line is more about the price & quality, the design is less important. 

The design line - is carefully studied collection, where design plays important role as well as material selection, quality and ergonomics. Design collection is wide and offers solution for different tastes and interiors.

All peaces of furniture are hand crafted and well checked on each production stage. Choosing NATISA you choose equilibrium between quality, price and design.
Each item has its own finishes, because each shape/design gets carefully studied for best color and texture combination.

The new NATISA look is fresh and still elegant, modern and yet with classic details! 

Explore collection and find models that best suits your design concept. Play with finishes and see how items change, how you can change the mood of an environment.




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