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News Multiforme: Light shaping and shaping architecture: Hydiscus

Having abandoned the concept of being only a light source, the Hydiscus art chandelier becomes an architectural installation that stands out for its emotional and picturesque design.

The presence of wavy discs, handcrafted from blown glass using ancient glass-blowing techniques, recalls the lightness of floating aquatic plants.

Various hanging elements are located at different heights, irregularly shaped discs are placed in a chaotic order, reflecting glass of different colors, transparent glass breaks the composition vertically.

The overall lighting effect is dynamic, lively and fun.  Craftsmanship and creativity "made in Italy" make the interior more spectacular and beautiful.
Hydiscus creates a space with modular structures and an important architectural result, if desired, it can have large non-standard and individual sizes.

From idea to form: Hydiscus at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus

Four Seasons Hotel® is an exclusive hotel chain of over 100 hotels and resorts worldwide.  The client wanted a decorative Murano glass chandelier that expresses the craftsmanship and creativity of Made in Italy.  Hydiscus reflects all the elegance, comfort and exclusivity of a new hotel in the heart of the Mediterranean.
An oversized chandelier in the dining and buffet areas creates impressive lighting effects, reminiscent of the warm and colorful atmosphere typical of resort towns. The project lighting contract for this luxury hotel is unique, as are the shapes and structures of each handcrafted undulating glass that makes up this chandelier.

Versatile, modular and personalized chandelier: Hydiscus in a private home in Switzerland

How can you create a light object that combines the right amount of light and at the same time lends lightness to your interior design?  In the home context, we want to find relaxation after a working day, daily comfort and family well-being.  Hydiscus highlights the dining area adjacent to the living room, which becomes a meeting place in this contemporary design private home.
The modular chandelier in this project demonstrates all its versatility: 120 disc-shaped glasses, divided into 40 suspension elements, between which are drop-shaped glasses made of transparent, matte, brown and red.
The composition gains mobility and emphasizes its character, also thanks to the mirror structure, reflecting the warmth of the play of light.

MULTIFORME® produces not only designer lighting fixtures, but also architectural installations that are ideal for any interior, be it public or private. With enthusiasm and professionalism, we create handcrafted Murano glass chandeliers that add uniqueness and exclusivity to the interior. Hydiscus becomes a new collection in the catalog, in various sizes and colors, trying to satisfy the most demanding client, who strives for creativity and beauty.