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In 1930, hereditary cabinetmaker Aldo Morelato opened the La Casa Rossa workshop. From it grew Morelato, the best classic furniture manufacturer in the Verona area. The family palace of the Marquis of Villa Dionisi has a rich archive of drawings. Today they are being finalized taking into account modern requirements for functionality.

All Morelato models combine precise form accuracy and the highest quality woodworking. The production uses American cherry (the raw material is grown on their own renewable plantations of factories in Canada, France, Slovenia). Parts are held together without metal staples or nails, and, say, a manual polishing cycle has 8 stages. In addition to "home", the factory is developing a contract direction (interiors of hotels, restaurants).

Morelato is also engaged in educational activities: supports young designers, annually holds a competition for international projects with monetary prizes, trains young restorers.

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