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In 1885, Emile Moissonnier founded his workshop in Bourg-en-Bresse at the heart of a forested region offering a rich supply of oak, ash burl and burr elm, as well as fruit woods such as pear, cherry and walnut. He was a talented painter and sculptor, the epitome of a creative craftsman, designing each item of furniture as a unique piece.

Since 1910, Moissonnier has been labelled an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (living heritage company). This distinction, garanted by the French Ministry of the Economy and Industry, recognises and supports firms with a history and heritage, sometimes centuries old, as well as the capacity for innovation and rare know how which have helped establish their reputation in the French entrepreneurial fabric.

At the crossroads of tradition and the avant garde, Moissonnier continues to carve its own style, personified with emotion, inspired by fantasy, and always with their own meticulous but idiosyncratic character. A brand synonymous with bold and innovative design. A comprehensive collection and recognised trademark to the design professional, respecting tradition and creating timeless appeal of a quality that lives up to the originality of their design.

Moissonnier positions itself as a Partner to its customers in all fields associated with woodwork : furniture & interior design : panelling, bookcases, wardrobes etc. Moissonnier lends all of its know-how to the most prestigious projects.

Moissonnier’s customers can now resize a piece from the collection or create a fully bespoke piece of furniture. The company offers a range of exclusive new patinas and also gives its customers the option to customise a model by selecting the shades of their choice, based on a type of fabric, wallpaper or painting... This makes each piece unique.

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