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MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects) or simply MOGG, is an Italian furniture company that was launched by former architect turned furniture designer, Nicola Galbiti, in 2012. It was born out of Galbiti’s desire to pursue his passion as an art director, while maintaining his love for design and architecture. Being in the furniture and design business for a long time, Galbiti has the skills and industry knowledge, and a pragmatic view of business.

A strong cultural identity defines MOGG's philosophy: home accessories and objects with a recognisable, clean design; graphic cuts and contrasting sinuous lines; warm and cold materials combined together; a dynamic and versatile soul. At MOGG, everything appears to be natural, while everything has been curated to the tiniest details. From unique armchairs to trendsetting dining tables the MOGG furniture collection is sure to surprise, inspire, and delight.

MOGG’s design philosophy centres on a well-defined identity that is fresh and is a direct result of curiosity, and the desire to embrace the modern concept of living. Their goal is to create products that will surprise people, lifting them out of their boredom from the usual and from furnishings in serial production. Each item is designed to have the feel and exclusivity of items marked as limited editions.

The result is a product that can satisfy the tastes, needs and budgets, where the exclusivity is not its cost but in its originality,. Unique not only because is produced by limited edition but because is different from any other product already on the market.

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