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Unique interior solutions created by the Modenese Gastone identify a piece of the family history, which has been manufacturing furniture since 1818.

The Modenese Gastone factory tries not only to follow the main fashion trends, but also to create new directions, exclusive models and brand new collections. Just as a mask without gilded threads, without carved lines, without soft shades will not be so sophisticated and playful, so furniture made by inexperienced craftsmen will never become a work of art. Therefore, the Modenese Gastone factory, passing on its art from generation to generation, is in constant search aimed at the features of the furniture and its quality, from the choice of wood varieties to carvings and inlays, from the choice of fastening elements to add elegance to the final polish. The main goal of Modenese Gastone is to satisfy all the client's needs regarding home improvement, the desire to surround himself with pleasant things, expensive items that make him feel comfortable and calm. This is precisely their task: to meet your feelings.

The Modenese family, for many years a leader in the production of classic furniture, along with the management of the factory, actively participates in all cultural events, which allows them to gain recognition due to the creative side of the company and leads to the creation of real masterpieces in furniture business.

Currently, the Modenese Gastone factory exports its products all over the world, constantly developing and conquering new markets, making sure that products under the Made in Italy brand are in increasing demand and recognition. The quality of products is confirmed by all the necessary certificates and awarded several diplomas.

The 6 catalogs that make up the Modenese Gastone collection: Perla del mare, Rialto, Leon d'oro, la Serenissima, i Dogi and La Fenice correspond to the six works of Carlo Goldoni and remind of the close connection between art and style that opens on the pages of the catalog.

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