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Mobilsedia 2000 was founded in 2001 in Rizza, 25 km from Verona. Mobilsedia 2000 represents classic tables and chairs made in line with the latest trends in design. Throughout the entire period of the factory's existence, high quality, convenience, a wide range of products and a rich choice of finishing and upholstery materials have been and remain the constant priorities.

The Mobilsedia 2000 factory prefers to work with wood and walnut root because of its universal qualities: pliability to the chisel, durability, beautiful range of shades with natural moire paintings and smooth satin texture after polishing. Mobilsedia 2000 craftsmen use openwork carving, inlaid with precious veneers, gold and silver sculptural elements, coloured and transparent lacquer, gold and silver leaf, and gilded Viennese straw in their backs. The upholstery of sofas, armchairs and poufs, chairs, soft benches for feet are presented in classic ornamental designs of elite textiles (tapestries, jacquard fabrics, velvet, velour) and glossy moire leather of high quality with a decor of the capitone.


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