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Since 1973, Mobilificio Bellutti has been a leading company in the production of high quality Italian furniture, both residential and hotel. Handicraft company that for over 45 years deals with the production and sale of furniture of high-class classic and contemporary style, with finishes and quality materials taken care of directly by trusted and qualified people for years.

Mobilificio Bellutti's products is entirely made in Italy. Every sphere of activity from design to the production, the marketing and the administration are controlled directly by trustworthy people that are highly qualified to guarantee the quality of the product, timeless and also the reliability of the service.

Mobilificio Bellutti offers a wide range of products: bedrooms and bathrooms, children's bedrooms, upholstered, studies and offices, entrances and mirrors, dining and living rooms, kitchens. The company has always been committed to enhancing its craftsmanship and to offering its customers products which are completely Made in Italy and highly customized, fulfilling every customer’s need.

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