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More than sixty years ago, the Minotti brothers, Luigi and Benigno, started their work in a workshop near their house in Cabiate – today, the company is run by two siblings, Monica and Matteo Minotti, who continue the family business, specialized in the design and production of high artisan furnishings.

Each Minotti Luigi & Benigno furniture piece is synonymous with artisan craftsmanship – carving, inlays, polychromatic wood types, button-tufting, wonderful finishes and decorations. Each phase is carried out by hand, like centuries ago. Each furniture piece is assembled within the company before carrying out the finishes, in order to check that it is in perfect working order.

Minotti Luigi & Benigno use only the highest quality materials (marble, fabrics, leathers) and the world's most exclusive wood types, like olive ash briar wood.

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