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MC Meroni & Colzani was born with a single purpose: provide their Italian and worldwide customer a sense of exclusivity driven by an extremely attention to details and to all the features that create a sartorial product.

MC Meroni & Colzani brand results from the fusion of two historical artisan realities, performing their business in Brianza for over 50 years: Meroni have been producing furniture and complements for three generations, Colzani upholstered furniture and textile accessories for the same generations. MC Meroni & Colzani: a connection between past and future, craft-based history and innovation, experience and originality.

Since many years MC Meroni & Colzani realizes in Italy and abroad the most beautiful boutiques in which it’s asked to show the excellence of Italian manufacturing. Also the company realizes residential turnkey projects in Italy and abroad. Besides MC Meroni & Colzani manages customized projects within hotel industry in the same way and with the same care used to realize apartments and boutique. Everything can be studied and designed taking care of the budget and of client’s requests.

MADE in ITALY is a key concept: all products and tailor-made projects designed by MC Meroni & Colzani have been manufactured by 100% Italian craftsmen, who can shape and treat fine materials, like wood, leather and value fabrics, and can use latest technology to grant amazing processing.

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