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News Meridiani: Meridiani Plinto: versatile and customizable sculptural table

Meridiani Plinto: versatile and customizable sculptural table

The Plinto collection of tables, designed by Andrea Parisio in 2015, becomes even more tailor-made: further to the many existing interpretations, a new proposal with a monolithic look is now available. The W version shows a completely full, mono-bloc base with three or four legs and tops with different geometrical shapes and dimensions.

The versatility and almost endless possibilities to combine materials and finishes - from the hues of the lacquers to the wide range of marbles or the oak shades – strongly denote this iconic collection, which never forgets formal neatness and design balance in all its versions.

A clearly sculptural soul for a project that is ever - transforming thanks to the balance between shapes and finishes; its form and name recall stability and planning: from the Latin plinthus, ‘Plinto’ reminds of the architectural element supporting a column.

The flexibility featuring this collection makes it perfect for both residential and contract projects: from a penthouse to an apartment with an urban soul, from an epoch residence to a trendy set, the Plinto tables are just perfect to fit any interior - for example to create a focal point in the interior design project thanks to the colored lacquers or to furnish a room with exquisite refinement with a table in marble.b