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Medea is known as one of the most famous and historic Italian companies for research and quality of mobile "Monza". Established in 1905, it began producing chairs and armchairs to the most important shops in Milan, collaborating with architects such as C. Zen and E. Basile, the founders of the Italian Liberty. Beginning English-style, then he focused its attention to Art Nouveau style that at the dawn of the twentieth century developed in different paesei europeri favoring decorativism and enhancing a manual eclectic in a quality craftsmanship, elements which are still maintained.

Medea has 4 different collections:
- Liberty collection
- 19th Century collection
- Prestige collection
- Mobilidea collection

Each Medea's collection contains special pieces of furniture that have been made with great care and attention of top experts in the field of furniture design. What makes this wood furniture so special? The first secret is in the long-standing tradition in the production and careful selection of appropriate types of wood. This is truly remarkable. Medea's furniture are well suited for any kind of interior. They are elegant and noble and make the atmosphere in the living room lively and cozy. This unique wooden furniture can really transform any room into a wonderful, beautiful home.

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