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Founded in 1987, Mathy by Bols is a leading Belgian-based design company dedicated to modern furniture for kids. Since 1992, Jean-Marie Bols has taken over the reins of the factory and over the years the company has succeeded in creating inspired collections combining style and eco-friendly high quality manufacture.

Childhood is a key time to blossom. We know that your children spend almost half their life in their bedroom. Mathy by Bols offers a complete range of bedroom furniture to suit all types of children. How would yours be described?

ADVENTURERS. Their spirit and their desire to expand their horizons will be well protected in the most benign of worlds.

DREAMERS. Their fantasy worlds and their boundless imaginations will be given free rein in this gentle dream factory.

ROMANTICS. A cocoon of soft curves will protect their wondrous, delicate heart.

SPORT LOVERS. An extremely practical, inspiring environment for those motivated by performance on a daily basis.

STUDIOUS TYPES. Every one of their precious thoughts will take flight and be shaped in peaceful, inspirational surroundings.

Every item of furniture for infants, children or teenagers that leave the Mathy by Bols workshops is the result of research and original ideas from professional designers. Every Mathy By Bols piece is made of solid wood from Scandinavia and hand crafted by master carpenters. Finishes are exclusively water-based solvent-free lacquers hand-applied by dedicated artisans and are available in more than 50 different color-lacquered and natural colors. The perfect combination of creativity, ergonomics and craftsmanship made in Belgium.

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