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The Mascheroni family founded its company in 1974, and since then it has been leading the Italian classic office furniture market worldwide maintaining however a strong connection with the local manufacturing and handcrafts tradition, thanks to its highly skilled, experienced and continuously trained master craftsmen.

Mascheroni, Italian leader in luxury leather furniture, offers its customers a wide variety of Italian-made executive and Government offices, blending contemporary style with modern production techniques. Mascheroni produces mainly conference tables and office desks, leather armchairs and sofas and wood bookcases.

What distinguishes Mascheroni from its competitors are the best materials employed, in particular its premium quality leather, and it greatest attention to details and customer's expectations, making any furnished space a unique and special business environment.

Throughout the years Mascheroni has signed some of the most prestigious executive and Government office projects, granting the highest quality and luxury standards.

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