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The Martinelli Luce factory was founded in 1950 thanks to Elio Martinelli's intuition and desire to create lighting fixtures for use in various fields, designing and managing projects, introducing new elements, formal and technological, which leave Martinelli Luce with a significant position in the industry.

The company originates in the small shop of the founder's father, located in the historic centre of Lucca ( is a city and comune in Tuscany,  in a fertile plain near the Ligurian Sea), specialising in the sale of electrical materials for installation specialists. With a spirit of enterprise and innovation, Elio Martinelli begins to create a vast range of products for indoor lamps, paying great attention to their use in the farm.

His creativity allows him to design and produce lighting fixtures, introducing innovations in their design and technology, and studying and implementing original technical tricks to improve production standards and reduce costs.

Elio Martinelli inspires nature and geometry in creating functional lighting fixtures and products made of materials used according to their true characteristics. Simple forms, but with deep meaning, have left their mark on design history and are always in demand in the market. Some of these devices, along with others such as il Pipistrello, designed by architect Gae Aulenti, are kept in the most important design museums.

Sergio Asti, Lucci e Orlandini, Marc Sadler, Luc Ramael, Studio Lucchi & Biserni, Angelo Micheli, Marcello Morandini and others have collaborated with Martinelli Luce.

Year after year, Martinelli Luce's range has been enriched with new instruments, but left the 60s and 70s instruments in production, thus presenting a collection that is very expressive and relevant.

Martinelli Luce offers not only lamps for home, but also technical appliances designed to light offices, shops, cinemas, hotels, museums and retail outlets in huge sizes, using a light source with energy-saving technology.

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