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New outdoor collection

As a novelty, Marset takes the opportunity to present you the new outdoor collection. Marset wants to bring the warmth of the interior to the exterior, with subtle lighting that is integrated into the surroundings and allows you to take care of the night.

The new collection includes the following products:


We keep on improving:

"We have decided to give more identity to our collection of impulse products, such as portable lamps, with a series of updates: among them, a change in the packaging design to unify the brand image, a technical update in the charging socket, with the inclusion of the USB-C format, and the disappearance of the power adapter. With this last improvement, our intention is to reduce the environmental impact of portable lamps. This new series of changes will take place during the 3rd quarter of 2021.

In addition, this year we include a new sound dampening accessory for the Djembé 100 model, across all its applications, and a wireless IP65 dimmer switch for some outdoor lamps.

Let’s hope that next year we can get back to normality!"

Marset team