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The Italian company Maronese, a member of the ATMA group, was founded in 1966 and is located in northeastern Italy in the center of the furniture industry at the junction of the provinces of Friuli and Veneto. Starting from a small family business of the Polesello family, the production area of ​​the factory is currently 48,000 square meters. The Italian furniture factory Maronese specializes in the production of quality classic living room furniture, as well as accessories.

The internal organization of the Maronese factory allows us to support the entire production cycle: from blanks to the final product, which allows us to offer customers more than 30 product models, promptly follow market trends, and develop exclusive models. Exclusive models of furniture for living rooms and dining rooms by Maronese have been recognized by connoisseurs of exquisite interiors in two design trends in furniture fashion - classic and modern, right up to high-tech.

Furniture from the Maronese factory gives an atmosphere of true comfort and peace. The maximum combination of elements, the ability to create new, special space solutions are the main advantages of the modern direction of furniture from the Maronese factory.

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