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The Italian factory MAR ILLUMINAZIONE produces crystal lamps.

The manufacture of chandeliers under the MAR ILLUMINAZIONE brand has existed in Italy, in the vicinity of Verona, for over 20 years. Throughout this period, the head of the MAR ILLUMINAZIONE factory is the married couple Caloini Stefania and Verzini Paolo. Each chandelier, from the processing of metal blanks according to their own patterns and turning them into chandelier arms to decorating with pendants, is done within the walls of the factory by experienced craftsmen.

MAR chandeliers adorn prestigious interiors in Europe, hotels and restaurants, several iconic projects in Moscow (for example, a Swiss watch boutique), many objects in other cities of Russia.

MAR chandeliers are sold in the best Italian lighting shops. Another major advantage of the factory is the ability and willingness to create any model according to an individual customer's project. The factory is ready to vary the number of horns, the number of tiers, and the type of suspensions according to the needs of the client. For hanging chandeliers, both the famous Strass Swarowski and the more budget Spectra or Asfour can be used. Also, in some models, multi-colored Venetian glass pendants are used.

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