ManooiHungaryLead time 90 days

Manooi was founded by the artist/designer couple János Héder and Judit Zoltai. The company has been operating under their joint supervision. János has from the beginning been the lead designer for Manooi. The workshop is a cradle of creative activity where the hands of devoted and talented young designers brainstorm, draw, play, assemble and reassemble models of beautiful light creations.

Manooi is inspired by the natural light around us. They design and manufacture custom-made crystal chandeliers their goal is to re-create this harmonious, positive natural light within individual homes and public buildings.

The brand’s debuting presence enjoyed such success that Manooi’s first international clients are now regular customers. Many of them being art lover individuals and their demand for a more personal design led us to develop our unique, one-of-a-kind crystal chandeliers in exciting new shapes, colours and innovative materials. Manooi creates all kinds of geometric shapes that offer innovative, modern takes on the traditional chandelier.

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