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Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Mambo Unlimited Ideas creates from 1994 unique handmade products using traditional techniques perfected by Portuguese craftsmen, most notably utilising materials such as brass, copper, lacquered metals and glass.

Mambo Unlimited Ideas is a brand that combines Portuguese traditions with modernity to create handmade pieces for the home that hold an untold story. Craftmanship is at the heart of the company. Portuguese long tradition in woodwork inspires the designers to create contemporary pieces.

A relationship of close collaboration with a universe of architects, interior and lighting designers allows the creation of endless custom solutions. Mambo unlimited ideas’ design team works closely with each client to design specific proposals to projets developed all over the world. The numerous variations made possible by choosing different combinations of colors and materials result in a wide range of options.

Key designers, Claudia Melo and Ana Ladeiro have a wealth of experience creating outstanding products for Mambo Unlimited Ideas, and have helped cement the brand’s main objective of producing creative and top quality products. Each product is easily installed and individually made by expert craftsmen, ensuring that every unit is produced to incredibly high standards assuring the best finishing, resistance and durability. With their own line of carpets, furniture and lighting, the company is able to offer almost unlimited solutions to every client.

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