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Maistri began in 1946 as a small family-run carpenter’s shop in the heart of Italy’s Valpolicella region. It has been growing ever since, making a name for itself in the areas of extraordinary craftsmanship, customer-focused performance and its use of only the highest quality materials.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where families and friends gather in an atmosphere filled with energy, aroma and love – It’s the thriving hub of any family property. With personalised design services and a focus on classic and unique Italian design, Maistri assists homeowners to revamp their kitchens and ensure they’re tailored to every client’s specific needs and wants. Maistri – an Italian kitchen design company which features a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit various budgets.

For over 70 years Maistri continues to create kitchens with the same artistry, now supported by robust industrial processes. Clients enjoy the benefits of automation, including speed, precision assembly, and quality control while maintaining design flexibility, raw materiality, and hand-crafted beauty. Maistri kitchens are considered among the most beautiful and sophisticated kitchens worldwide. No matter which cabinet collection you choose, you are assured that every facet of your kitchen has been milled and finished by true artisans.

Today Maistri is one of the leader on producing high quality modular kitchens. They are famous for their design, huge variety of combinations of colours and materials, as well as for using totally natural materials, and most important, is to be 100% customizing by the clients, following their needs and desires.

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