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Lustrarte was founded in Portugal in 1974 and is dedicated to the creation, production and marketing of products for decorative lighting, interior and exterior. The experience of over four decades of creation, development, production and marketing of decorative lighting products, throughout the world, gives Lustrarte a profound understanding of this business sector. Lustrarte has a highly qualified research and development department, equipped with specific skills in the areas of design, technical drawing, electrical standards and materials. Therefore, they are responsible for the conception, design and development of their products, continually watching the specific standards of the different world markets.

The main raw material used in the manufacture of Lustrarte products is the brass, a material that noble addition to its great flexibility of use and handling, offers us yet high rates of resistance and durability, and provides a wide range of finishing. All these characteristics provide adequate support to the commercial strategy adopted by the company, which focuses on design and quality as critical factors of success of all its product lines, which cover a diverse styles such as Rustic, Nautical, Classic and Contemporary.

The Lustrarte philosophy remains unaltered: the final product is embodied and distinguished by the quality of the materials and processes used. It is a philosophy that has grown with the dream and it is now inseparable from the personality and way of being of all the people that every day dedicate their lives to its realization. Over time and following a strategy based on product quality, the company has deepened its techniques in working with brass becoming a specialist in this raw material.

Lustrarte has also been establishing partnerships with other prestigious international brands, while maintaining responsibility for the design and development of its products as well as for their manufacture. This accumulated experience has also provided the company with the resources and capabilities to diversify in terms of materials. This diversification has enabled collaborations with businesses that are active in the areas of contracting and hospitality, allowing the development of products tailored to the wishes of customers and always with the Lustrarte quality assurance.

Products Lustrarte factory – is the personification of Portuguese history. The design of all collections of lamps in many ways differs from other brands, since they are based on only two course, they are lighting in a marine style and country style. These two styles are currently at the peak of fashion and popularity, so that the demand for Lustrarte lamps is only increasing.

Lustrarte is an ideal option for decorative lighting, which will certainly decorate the interiors of cozy houses, restaurants, cafes and other rooms, decorated in the Mediterranean style, country style or Provence's style. All lamps are made using manual labor using brass, many of which are artificially aged. It is also worth noting the impeccable quality of all products of the Lustrarte factory.

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