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Lumen Center Italia is part of VillaTosca Design Management Centre Group – a company specialized in managing creativity processes. In the last twenty years the company has developed innovative methodologies for the various phases of design from research on trends to the studies of concepts for products and processes.

Since 1976 Lumen Center Italia is a big laboratory of research, design and production of light fittings. Its vocation for contemporary design and its international markets orientations has faraway origins: the company was born as Lumen Center France in La Fare-les-Oliviers, with an important lighting collection of French designers. It becomes later Lumen Center Italia strengthening its core business, growing and pushing itself up to the Far East with the newborn Lumen Center Japan.

Lumen Center Italia products are historically recognized for their very high level of aesthetics and technology. For years, international designers in cooperation with the LCI technical office have created products which meet the various demands of everyday life.

Today, through its continuous research activity, Lumen Center Italia is able to offer more and more efficient products with lower impact for the environment.

The ability to deliver a "custom made" service allows Lumen Center to make special editions for architectural and contract suppliers of lighting systems according to the customer’s design and for artistic installations.

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