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Luciano Zonta is an Italian designer furniture factory founded in the west of the country over 40 years ago. The factory was named after its founder. The philosophy of the company lies in the constant search for a balance between the best traditions of Italian furniture making and innovation in technology.

The most daring and modern styles, from art deco to oriental chic, are widely used in the design of Luciano Zonta furniture. Bright saturated colors, high-quality natural wood, original cracked paint, stylish antique motifs, chic silvering and gilding finishes, unusual Yemeni clay, a variety of varnish shades create an aesthetics of luxury and originality. One of the most interesting moves was the combination of black lacquer with silver foil, which caused a great resonance among fans of furniture aesthetics.

Luciano Zonta furniture is not only quality and style, it is individuality, originality, "dream", in a word, it is a work of art. Poetically cracked paint, cozy vibrant colors, an antique spirit with modern quality - a tradition framed by modern needs.

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