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Luceplan was created in 1978 by Paolo Risatto, Riccardo Sarfatti and Sandra Siveri, who studied together at the Polytechnic University of Milan. Initially Luceplan was involved in the production and supply of lighting for large architectural projects.

A new page began in the history of the company in 1984 with the arrival of Alberto Meda, who had a wide knowledge of technologies and materials, in particular of plastics. Luceplan began to invest significant resources in the development of new models and research. The only model produced to this day from the 1985 catalog is the D9.

Perhaps the most recognizable Luceplan lamp, the Constanza, was released in 1986. The classic polycarbonate lampshade - what many manufacturers produce today, was then an innovative breakthrough. The Constanza was the first lamp with a polycarbonate shade and was a huge success.

Luceplan luminaires are very popular all over the world and have received recognition in many competitions not only for design, but also for quality and environmental friendliness.

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