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The Italian company Lu.Bo Biliardi, founded in Tuscany in 1986, operates in the segment of the production of exquisite billiard tables and related accessories. The new products of the factory are solid wood doors of a high artistic and price category. Lu.Bo Biliardi products are unrivaled in terms of quality, aesthetic and functional characteristics. The great popularity and demand for the brand's products are the result of the vast experience of craftsmen, unique hand-made finishing and the use of natural expensive materials.

Each Lu.Bo Biliardi billiard table is a unique product, all the details of which are calculated and manufactured individually. The wooden details are made with Tuscan grace and are finished with carvings, gilding and inlay. The playing field is based on 50 mm thick natural slate slabs, optionally with duct heating. This detail is especially appreciated by professionals, as it allows you to almost double the speed of the balls. Covering - natural hand-made combed wool cloth. Fastening with steel nails, no glue.

Billiard rooms Lu.Bo Biliardi will emphasize the taste and respectability of their owner, will give aesthetic pleasure, and the game will bring true pleasure.

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