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Lubiex by ESSEGI is the continuity of the brand Lubiex acquired by the furniture factory "SG Arredamenti" by Giuseppe Simeoni, located in the province of Treviso, Veneto region.

Lubiex proposes the furniture of kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom with walk-in closet – all production is entirely handmade and this has made the company well known and allowed steady and lasting business growth. Today the company is present in the whole national territory and has the ambitious plan to amplify its importance in the international market.

The products Lubiex maintain style and elegance in the time and quality expresses the theme of their working philosophy. Since the beginning, production was directed to high quality style furniture made up of solid wood and decorated with artistic details and finishes made by hand by their master carpenters and decorators.

The new Lubiex's kitchen Demetra is presented in two versions Classic and Country. The Classic version is produced in oak. The door frame is made from double-milled with smooth panel and center handle. The Country version is produced in solid wood lacquered. The door is made from simple frame with beveled panel. New in this version is the opening groove of doors and drawers, without using the handle. This allows to produce a composition aesthetically simple and elegant, but at the same time functional and innovative.

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