Lu MuranoItalyLead time 60 days

LU Murano is a unique concept design at once revolutionary and traditional. Sinuous blown-glass shapes combined in dynamic motion, as though ruffled by a light breeze. A motion conceived for each individual piece, blown by the artist and fashioned by hand at extremely high temperatures. A veritable glass ikebana whose elements are assembled poetically, one by one: each chandelier is unique, entirely hand made, and makes a strong uncompromising statement, giving the room a distinctive look.

In a range of colours, transparencies, translucencies and reflections, each chandelier is an exclusive work that speaks of the artist’s creative act and personal research, transcending fashions or market demands. An innovative and contemporary design, made by people using the most traditional glass-working techniques, that blends elegantly with classical interiors and becomes a centrepiece of modern spaces.

Indeed, LU Murano is a harmonious synthesis of innovation and tradition, of the skill of the craftsman and technological creativity. A work of art, a never-before-seen chandelier.

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