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The Italian factory Lorenzon was founded in 1971 in the town of Nove. Gianni and his sister Loretta created a company specializing in artistic ceramics, which has achieved worldwide recognition over the years. The factory produces interior items, souvenirs, lamps. For decoration, artists use specially designed paints, gilded brass, crystals. Unique, exquisite items created by Gianni over the years show that the factory is in step with the times, uses innovative technologies and not an ordinary design. At the same time, Loretta attaches great importance to the tradition of making ceramic flowers. These elements highlight the craftsmanship and the high class of the factory.

Now the third generation of the family is working at the Lorenzon factory. Since Lorenzon is an atelier that manufactures “Hand made” products using high quality materials, they have the ability to bring to life any customer's ideas in terms of size, design, finishes.

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