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The Spanish furniture factory Lola Glamor was founded in 1995. Lola Glamor products are the quintessence of haute couture, architecture, ergonomics and design solutions. Lola Glamor interior items have their own unique style, combining noble beauty, sophistication and functionality.

To create their masterpieces, the masters of the Lola Glamor factory use an array of Portuguese cherries - a breed that allows you to accurately convey the natural beauty of the tree. Traditional manual labor and an unusually high quality of decoration (it is handled by individual specialists trained in the training center at the factory) allow you to create real furniture masterpieces. However, the hallmark of this Spanish furniture is undoubtedly its unique appearance. Chest of drawers in the shape of a flower, children's furniture in the style of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" - the creativity of the company's designers knows no boundaries.

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