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The Linea Cali factory is a world-renowned Italian door fittings manufacturer offering high quality products. The company has been operating since 1986. Linea Cali door handles have conquered the world market by combining unique design with thoughtful functionality and reliability. More than 100 collections of Linea Cali door handles represent the whole variety of styles - from classic and vintage to avant-garde and futuristic.

All Linea Cali handles for interior doors, front doors, window handles, furniture handles and all accessories are manufactured exclusively in Italy, and there is an identification mark on each product that confirms the authenticity of the product. Italian handles from Linea Cali may have a special protective zirconium layer (PVD technology developed and patented by the company). The PVD coating is ideal if the surface needs to be more resistant to difficult climatic conditions such as increased salt content, higher humidity or wear and tear and shock resistance. It should also be noted that all Linea Cali fittings comply with ISO 9227 and UNI 9397 environmental regulations.

Linea Cali's Italian door hardware is able to satisfy the most demanding admirers of immortal classics and lovers of modern design, novelty and original solutions in decor. Each product has its own unique design in the best traditions of Italian craftsmen. The finishing of the pens is very diverse. The Linea Cali factory produces pens and accessories decorated with SWAROVSKI rhinestones, porcelain elements, Murano glass and gilding. Each item is a work of art and meets the most refined tastes.


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