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LIGHT POINT is one of the leading lighting companies in Denmark and has been around since 1995. This dynamic and innovative company has designed and developed its own collections of designer lamps, with the philosophy that light plays a key role in interior design. The company’s lamps are built to emphasise architectural details in order to create a cosy atmosphere. Light is an important building block in all our lives.

LIGHT POINT offers a wide range of lamps and lighting solutions in simple and elegant designs that put materials and technical solutions in focus. The most popular LIGHT POINT collection is the Cube collection, which is available in a range of colours and sizes. That said, the company has released collections like Code, Spice and Element which have also been remarkably well-received. LIGHT POINT has plenty of lamps on offer, including the lovely, elegant Twiggy pendant designed by Ronni Gol. The lamp’s timeless and minimalist design culminates in a distinctive bend that helps produce comfortable light. The LIGHT POINT Flat lamp is designed in a slim and elegant shape that works perfectly with the LED light. The lamp can be hung quite low without getting in the way and is designed in a way that ensures that the light is soft and comfortable.

LIGHT POINT’s innovative and creative way of designing and developing lamps are there to help you improve your interior design.

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