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Leva Mobilificio d'Arte draws upon a family tradition going back to the beginning of the last century. It was Carmine Leva, born in 1899, to found the business in Ruffano and turn into reality what he had dreamed as a child and had learned as a young apprentice, attending the Florence art school for four years. In his workshop he used olive and walnut wood to create such beautiful sculptures, true woodworking masterpieces, to furnish the most beautiful homes of the Salento. Thanks to this work he was awarded the gold medal of merit, a prestigious recognition of the time, which was then donated to the Fatherland. In the Seventies and Eighties the company grew further, obtaining major awards at a domestic and European level including the"European Home furnishing award" in London. Today, Tonino’s four sons, Franco, Roberto, Lino and Luigi, continue the tradition family business that in the meantime has grown into an increasingly well-known company (based in Surano) both in Italy and abroad.

Leva Mobilificio d'Arte furniture item cabinet is always the outcome of those same timehonored secrets of woodworking and finishes, all performed strictly by hand, which have been handed down from father to son over the years. Each item is the result of a careful study of specialized furniture literature and drawing ideas from ancient collections - both private and public. The amazing array of models is enhanced by the use of precious materials such as walnut, cherry, crotches and burls. They are all embellished with carvings and inlays of the most precious wood varieties. It is thanks to this continuing search for quality and style that the company has been certified ISO: 9001 by TUV.

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