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The factory Le Fablier appeared on the Italian market in 1981, with the efforts of a young married couple. It all started with the wish of the couple to furnish their house with exclusive furniture created according to their own sketches. With the help of professionals, they were able to put their idea into reality. New furniture delighted their friends and acquaintances, then the couple created the second and the following sketches, and then orders from connoisseurs of beauty which, in fact, initiated a new production called Le Fablier, turning the hobby of this family into a professional occupation.

Le Fablier furniture is designed to keep the original beauty of the material undamaged in time: for this reason, every product is tested and guarantees that the furniture does not present any sensible alteration of its structural characteristics and quality.

Today Le Fablier is a company with almost 40 years of experience, fully committed to creating innovative research paths and constantly looking for new shapes as well as better fitting materials. The objective of the Company’s staff is always aimed at creating new and original contents. In a land where creation and art are a traditional part of the environment, the company motto is: Inspiration is life.

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