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News Lapalma: Lapalma Collection: flexible furniture to connecting people

Balancing craftsmanship and industry, attention to detail and production efficiency, 
Lapalma produces furniture of distinctive design and quality. Lapalma's products are the result of ongoing research, which generates innovative and flexible furnishing solutions that interact with each other and with the environments that house them. More than single furnishing elements, they are systems designed to furnish fluid contemporary IN&OUTDOOR spaces. New habits lead to experiencing work spaces, which are often open space, with a new flexibility and an ever-increasing desire for comfort: changing workstations according to the task to be performed, looking for privacy in a quiet corner that encourages concentration, interacting with colleagues around large shared tables and relaxing in lounge areas. Offices are becoming increasingly smart, opening up to modular adaptable solutions focused on wellbeing. For this specific design world, we have selected products and systems (from chairs to tables and accessories). With the same versatility of the indoor world, the outdoor collection meets the needs of the home, of a light and nomadic office, of contemporary shared areas, without forgetting cafes and restaurants, where food is a fundamental component of our socialising