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La Murrina was born on the island of Murano, in 1968, as collaboration between a few select Master Glass Blowers, whose skill was a gift passed to them from a century’s worth of generations before them. In the beginning, the main activity consists of realizing few prestigious blown glass objects created by the artists, and this continues until 1974. It’s exactly in 1974 that the small furnace is bought by a family coming from Milan, already dealing with the production of light fittings combining glass and metal.

They believed in the traditional art of glass blowing and had innovative ideas that would modernize this ancient art form, as well as the company as a whole. This seamless marriage of the antique and the contemporary has earned La Murrina their leading position as one of the most successful and respected manufacturers of Murano glass lighting and décor products in the world, offering priceless and innovative pieces in every genre - classic, traditional, contemporary and design.

La Murrina collections represent the high quality reached in all the glass manufacturing techniques used in its Murano furnaces. Murano glass - unique and exceptional solutions for every lighting and decoration project.

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