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The Spanish factory La Ebanisteria began its existence back in 1968. It all began, as often happens, with one skilled cabinetmaker - Felipe Sanchez Vasquez. Today La Ebanisteria is one of the largest manufacturers of luxury mahogany furniture in Spain.

The La Ebanisteria factory is engaged in the production of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices, etc. The interiors of the factory are made in various styles from art deco to modern. The furniture is distinguished by a bright design and a variety of colors.

Furniture from La Ebanisteria is popular today for the following reasons: high quality, own style, skillful combination of the best design traditions with the latest achievements in the field of modern furniture production. All of these statements are true for any piece of furniture from La Ebanisteria, be it a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, a table or an armchair.

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