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Kundalini modern Italian lighting was founded in 1996. The inspiration of the trendsetting Kundalini modern light collection is not only illuminates the ambience around us, but also our inner self. Light, besides being designed, in turn designs our perception of the world and of life itself.

Kundalini developed the intuition of a new typology of lamps, extremely innovative and outrageous forms of light, symptomatic of a strong identity and a product culture expression of a universal language.

It’s now a company with extensive experience, which is still oriented towards the identification of cutting-edge research solutions always original and highly creative, that each time draws inspiration from different worlds. From nature, industrial landscapes or the visual arts. In what is always a perfectly calibrated synthesis of function and emotion. Kundalini counts on the cooperation of emerging talents, internationally renowned designers and architects who are sharing and underlining the company mission.

If you are looking for something away from the norm, Kundalini has the appropriate offer. Lights of individualists for individualists. Italian design for an international audience.

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