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Kreon is a Belgium-based company represented all over the world which has been developing and producing architectural interior lighting and metal ceiling systems since 1982. The basis for Kreon's design is a very clear characteristic visualisation of the company's philosophy: purity and simplicity. The philosophy followed by Kreon over the past 15 years is integrated into every detail of the building: creativity and technical innovation are essential elements in the company’s culture. As a lighting manufacturer, the company draws its inspiration from the architecture and interior design of the ’20s and ’30s.

Right angles and lines are the basic shapes of modern architecture. Kreon uses them in their lighting products. The cleverly simplistic design gives the space a universal and timeless character. The design of Kreon's collection represents a way of thinking that reduces each product to the essential components without compromise. Luminance and illumination are the primary goals. Kreon products, in their simplest forms, do not result in austere minimalism, but in architectural objects that communicate with space, regardless of style. This, combined with careful planning, represents the true meaning of "architectural lighting". This approach to design requires that the details of an object are not merely decorative, but are key to the essence of the product as a whole. Kreon's contribution to the lighting industry is the design and production of quality light fittings, in a three-dimensional sense.

The luminaire, a detail that can reflect and integrate within architecture with the purest form that will enhance and add value to its environment, requires a deep understanding of the intrinsic nature and unified components of architectural styles. These components can be condensed into basic forms, which Kreon exploits within its products. Kreon appliances are not foreign elements, but merge with the architecture. Kreon lighting appliances are sober and do not monopolise attention. An architect does not want lighting appliances, but light, atmosphere and comfort. Kreon provides the purity in light. Kreon offers timeless lighting concepts that are designed to form an integral part of architecture or to create a dialogue with a structure. The collection includes an array of downlights, uplights and sidelights which disappear into ceilings, floors and walls harmoniously. Typical applications include residential, hospitality, display and office interiors.

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