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Krea Design designs and manufactures lighting fittings from more than 50 years. Krea Design applies the most advanced technologies of lighting field adjourning constantly its productions to the newest security rules with conscious engagement of the risk , great obligation of the project , seriousness of construction and care on assembling. Krea Design follows its own motto of organization and efficiency in its deep meaning: Professionalism of its staff Adoption of the most advanced technologies Productive flexibility Commercial versatility Business far-sight All these points have created the right environment to realize the company able to present on the market this catalogue LED Light Solutions 3 that wants to be, both a valid selling instrument, and the symbol of its own potential. 

STRONG POINTS Speed in fulfilling orders has always been part of the Krea Design philosophy, a feature that is also evident in the short time needed to draw up an estimate or evaluate a special request. Replies to clients are always fast and timely, always attentive to their real needs and with a careful evaluation of technical problems. The commercial staff, together with the technical office and design team, is always able to satisfy special requests, such as the creation of small series of “custom made” fittings. This ability, which goes far beyond the mere personalization of colours or finishes, allows us to produce models to the client’s exclusive design. 


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