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KICO, a company with a recognizable face in the heart of Italy, present on the national and international market. KICO produce furniture and furnishing solutions for living and sleeping areas in an infinite range of combinations.

"THE HOME. MADE in Italy" is a key concept of KICO. Not only a house conceived according to Italian beauty and style, but above all a house made alive through quality objects, made to last in time.

The Made in Italy and the quality of its products represent the two pillars on which the company KICO creates value for its customers. The design, the quality and the service have allowed the company to reach the global markets and to affirm its idea of a beautiful house, made well and made in Italy!

In KICO The listening capacity is the fundamental value through which attention and respect of opinions have been formed. This happens at every level of dialogue, allowing the sharing of decisions, with a consequent and high enhancement of the most important resource: the human one.

KICO is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for the design and production of furniture.

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