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Kenneth Cobonpue is a Filipino industrial designer known for his unique designs integrating natural materials through innovative handmade production processes. He began his design career after his studies in Industrial Design in New York, which led him to apprenticeships and further studies in Italy and Germany. After a series of further studies and apprentices abroad, Kenneth Cobonpue moved back to Cebu in 1996 to help manage their family business founded by his mother in 1972. Discovering that modern design could have a new face using natural fibers and materials as the medium, he slowly created the pieces, which form the collection today. Integrating locally sourced organic materials with innovative hand-made production techniques offered an alternative to the Western definition of modern design. And observing creativity through an organic lens while paying homage to the talented handwork of the craftsman would form the core foundation of the designs Kenneth Cobonpue produces today.

With his masterful way of integrating nature, traditional craft and innovative technologies, designer and creative director Kenneth Cobonpue has earned international awards and recognition for his creative, organic, and expressive pieces. Nowadays Kenneth Cobonpue’s eponymous brand stands tall as one of the most prominent luxury furniture companies in Asia, showcasing a slew of high-end, handcrafted home furnishings inspired by its founder’s experiences exploring a hodgepodge of places—from humdrum milieus and exotic locales around the world, to his native tropical paradise.

Though his early collections featured only natural fibers such as rattan, buri (palm), and abaca, Kenneth Cobonpue has since broadened his material range to include everything from cutting-edge carbon fiber, to low-tech paper. According to the furniture maker, design is a living process, forever transforming in response to the changing world. That said, he tends not to hold to a definitive aesthetic.

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