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Karisma was born in 1998 and immediately ranked as developing brand in the Salon Design market, thanks to its values perfectly shown with fresh-looking and original products. Karisma Beauty Design specializes in the production of equipment for hairdressing salons

Modern and young design, functionality and quality with affordable prices are the Karisma's inspiration values, which bring the company to an important international growth. Karisma constantly works at the reserch of eco-friendly materials and eco-save systems.
Details make the difference. Karisma takes care of the stitching, materials and solderings to bring high level and durable products in your beauty salon.

THE UPHOLSTERY ART: The manufacturing guarantees padding and details perfection.
THE MATERIALS: Karisma selects the best, tests materials and mounts them beautifully made to grant high quality standards to your furniture.
THE DETAILS: Nothing comes second. Karisma checks every finishing with precision because a great product starts from details.
THE FUNCTIONALITY: Look is important but Karisma doesn't forget that products are work instruments in your salon. Comfort, strenght, intelligence and high quality made in Italy are their characteristics, like they should be. 

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