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Hereditary furniture maker Edoardo Cappellini created the Kappa Salotti factory in 1974, embodying the experience and traditions of his family. It was a time of active development in Italy of small family businesses, where the production was based on the manual labor of talented artisans. Handcrafted furniture in those years was very popular in Europe and abroad.

Over time, the small Kappa Salotti factory has grown into a large enterprise combining manual labor with the latest furniture manufacturing technologies. Strict production control, highly qualified specialists and natural materials have remained unchanged, thanks to which Kappa Salotti furniture is of high quality and excellent appearance.

Today the Italian factory Kappa Salotti is engaged in the production of high-class upholstered furniture. Kappa Salotti chairs are not only distinguished by interesting artistic solutions, but also equipped with adjustable parts, taking into account the peculiarities of the human anatomy. The unusual shape and bright colors of Kappa Salotti designer furniture can magically transform the interior, make it unique and inimitable. The classic line of Kappa Salotti sofas and armchairs is also popular with avant-garde models, creating an unusually warm and cozy atmosphere in the house.

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