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Founded in Vienna as a workshop by Peter Straka, KAIA has created lighting objects since 2003. The studio is one of the few lighting manufacturers to still use traditional metal plating - a technique that was particularly popular during the Art Deco period in Vienn. The result is an identity of beauty, elegance and integrity that is a perfect parallel to the geometric perfection of the product, where the circle becomes a binding motif to help communicate the importance of light and dark.

In 2013 Straka joined forces with German-born UK-based Managing Director Manuela Szewald who set up KAIA’s headquarters in London. With production still proudly based in Vienna, KAIA continues to produce its distinctive but timeless lighting collections as well as bespoke and limited edition pieces for commercial and residential projects.

KAIA CUSTOMISE allows you to explore all lighting objects on a bespoke basis. A choice of finishes include: bronze, gold, platinum, copper, plain polished or brushed brass combined with optional coloured cords and dimensions.

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