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JAGO s.r.l. has been established in 1990 and in few years has became leader in the market of interior design and especially of lighting equipments, both classic and modern style.

JAGO manufacture chandeliers and every kind of lighting equipments, designed specifically to make the most of all the spaces, both large and small.

Every item is available in different sizes and with different number of lights and, especially, that for every chandelier a full set of lighting equipments, like wall lamps, with one or more lights, table lamps and floor lamps, is available. Every item can have metal supporting structure with gold or chromium or nickel finishing, that can be mat or shining or worked with aging patina. All the metal structure can be also worked with golden or silver leaf or even painted with white, black or any other desired colour. Lampshades can be in several kind of shapes (for example round, squared, oval or conic) and in all the desired sizes and colours.

Products of JAGO are ideal for both private houses and public buildings, like offices, hotels, shopping centres and big halls for ceremonies, banquets, conferences and gala shows.

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