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The Dutch factory Jacco Maris was founded in 1994 in the old town of Breda. The concept of striking products is based on the creation of maximum shapes from the minimum amount of materials. Intertwining brass and stainless and black steel stripes form the intricate combinations that have become the hallmark of the trademark. Jacco Maris production never ceases to amaze with its originality, its assortment is constantly expanding.

Jacco Maris currently offers clients 10 collections of handcrafted luminaires from bent and interwoven strips of metal. The use of its decorative properties is the main feature of the products developed under the Jacco Maris brand. Brass, stainless steel and polished steel are used for production. White and black lacquer is used for decoration, some models are decorated with painting.

Every single lamp, every Jacco Maris chandelier is unique and exclusive. Jacco Maris luminaires are used in various lighting areas such as modern interiors, classic style, architectural lighting and street, landscape lighting.

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